Natural Rope Treatment

Please be aware, if using natural ropes outside, the rope must be treated prior to installation, otherwise it will rot. A simple clear timber decking oil or preservative from DIY stores will suffice. Please also be aware that natural ropes will shrink in length and expand in girth when wet.
Please allow a minimum 15% extra to your measured lengths.
Natural ropes also have fibres, so you have to be careful when handling Grade 1 natural manila & natural sisal. If you would prefer a hassle free rope, check out our synthetic ropes. Synthetic ropes are a lot more popular for outdoor use, as they don’t need to be treated. Synthetic ropes do not rot or shrink when wet, so you do not need to add any extra to your measured lengths. We now offer a synthetic Manila and a synthetic sisal rope. These would be recommended to purchase, instead of the natural type, if using outdoors. Our synthetic hemp (polyhemp) would also be recommended for outdoor use instead of our natural hemp. Synthetic Hemp is the most popular decking rope on offer to date and is also used for gym ropes, swings, climbing ladders.
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